The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Marketing

How do you stand out in an industry as competitive as the restaurant industry? A killer marketing strategy! This guide covers everything you restaurant needs to know about social media, digital marketing, SEO, and more!

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Best practices: Maintaining a cohesive brand across franchises

Brand consistency is the foundation of all franchises. Developing company-wide brand strategies is key to protecting the brand’s image which creates value for consumers and the franchisees.

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Webinar: Restaurant loyalty - Mobile innovations to build traffic in 2012

More than 1 billion smart phones will be in use across the globe by 2015, according to technology research firm IDC. For restaurant operators, the proliferation of smart phone use will continue to provide innovative approaches to guest marketing and loyalty.

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Using a Restaurant POS for Marketing and Promotion

POS systems can create customer databases, increase the effectiveness of loyalty programs and improve the store-operator interface, if users take the time to learn how.

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Making the Most of Marketing Dollars Doesn't Always Mean Branding

While many operators are focused on branding efforts to drive sales, other strategies make more sense for small- and medium-sized restaurants. Local marketing initiatives that focus on driving traffic and retaining customers can prove to be a better investment.

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Public Sector Use Of Internet Surveys And Panels

Marketing research is easily adaptable to the Internet, and the medium has opened the door to many would-be marketing research suppliers. We believe, however, that the best research will come from those firms that predate the revolution; that is, those firms that are raised in the methods and traditions of high-quality marketing research.

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How to Overcome Retail-Customer Erosion by Capturing New Residents

Every business shares the same problem: Over time, we lose customers. Often called customer erosion, this is a big problem. Most merchants lose 20% of their customers every year, and some businesses lose even more. But,how can you replace those...

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Opinionmeter Improves Customer Survey Feedback with Elo TouchSystems Solutions

Improve customer survey response rates and feedback data with automated surveys.

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POS Tips for Strategic Growth

Point-of-sale systems can be a valuable partner when it comes to marketing a restaurant. By building a customer database using POS systems, operators can make their marketing dollars work harder.

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Internet Marketing and the Social Media (Slides)

Industry leaders provide vital information regarding the use of the Internet and Social Media to aid in your restaurant's growth. Download the slides from presentations given by: Boris Bugarski, Murgent/ Paul Barron, Fast Casual/ John Pepper, Boloco at the Fast Casual Executive Summit 2009.

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Brand Builders (Slides)

Industry leaders share tips and trends on how to enhance brand building in your restaurant through emotional connections with your customers. Download the slides from presentations given by: Ed Frechette, Au Bon Pain/ Alan Hixon, Mooyah Burgers and Fries/ Dan Kim, Red Mango/ Patrick Benisillo, VGS at the Fast Casual Executive Summit 2009.

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Brain Exchange (Slides)

Brain Exchange Session. Find information on discussions relating to eight topics including: Fast Casual Startups, Menu Development, Web & Social Marketing, Team Dynamics, Winning Brand Design, Building Online Ordering and Catering, Direct Mail, and Leadership Techniques.

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