Gas prices remain high at the start of summer driving season

Natural gas declines across all regional hubs for the week.

Domino's hits 52-week high for 5th straight week

Average wheat prices are slowly rising.

Gas prices temper before busy travel season

Wheat and cheese prices both fall.

Public pizza companies riding 52-week highs in May

Gas prices continue rising ahead of the busy summer travel season.

Gas prices boomerang back up

The average cost of wheat has increased nearly 75 cents in the past month.

Pizza companies benefit from stock market peak

Cheese prices are up 20 cents since the beginning of April.

Lower gas prices expected to boost consumer spending

Pizza Inn hits a 52-week high after opening its first franchised Pie Five unit.

Wheat and cheese prices jump

After weeks of falling, gas prices remain stagnant week-over-week.

Gas prices continue to drop

Pizza Inn hits a fresh 52-week high after announcing a new franchising agreement.

Average wheat prices tumble to lowest level in months

Gas prices are 33 cents lower than they were a month ago.

Natural gas prices reach 18-month high

Chuck E. Cheese stock gets a boost from augmented reality mobile app launch.

Cheese prices rise sharply in past week

Stubborn winter-like weather keeps natural gas prices up.

Pizza chains tip off March Madness promos

Brands are betting on both No. 1 seeds and Cinderella upsets.

Yum!, Papa John's stocks recover after sharp drops

Cheese, wheat, gas prices remain somewhat stable from last week.

Cheese prices drop to lowest level in 10 months

Papa John's stock recovers big after missing Q4 earnings expectations.

Cost of wheat drops near pre-drought levels

Consumers also experience a slight relief at the pump.

Papa John's global net openings at a 10-year high

The company is also making investments in its technology and POS infrastructure designed to help units operate at peak performance.

Wheat prices continue to tumble

The cost of wheat is down more than $1 from the end of December.

Crude oil prices rise 10 percent in two months

Unanticipated refinery maintenance and higher demand are also driving up the cost of fuel.

Wheat prices fall 20 cents in a week

Gas continues to climb; diesel fuel passes $4.

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