Pizza Inn likely defaulted on loan from Wells Fargo

THE COLONY, Texas — Four-hundred-unit Pizza Inn disclosed it may be in default of a loan agreement with Wells Fargo Bank. According to a regulatory filing, the troubled pizza chain informed the bank on Oct.

CEO's letter to shareholders reveals concerns at Pizza Inn

THE COLONY, Texas — A Sept. 22 letter from Pizza Inn chief executive Tim Taft reflected growing shareholder and franchisee concerns over the future of the struggling 400-unit company.

Pizza Inn CEO betting new prototype will spur revival

Dallas Business Journal: Pizza Inn chief executive Tim Taft is banking on a new buffet restaurant design to help reverse the fortunes of the struggling 400-unit company. In the new prototype, opened recently in Plano, Texas, the chain's trademark green, red and black color scheme is replaced with a "brighter, energetic" design.

'05 profits and revenue slide at Pizza Inn

THE COLONY, Texas — Fiscal 2005, ended June 26, was a tough one for Pizza Inn. Net income was $204,000, down from $2.24 million in 2004.

Pizza Inn CEO details pay package, plans to revive chain

THE COLONY, Texas — Tim Taft, president and chief executive officer of Pizza Inn since March 31, knows the challenge to revive the 47-year-old pizza chain is a stiff one. But he believes it's possible because of the brand's great heritage and its dedicated franchisees.

Delayed Pizza Inn annual meeting convenes, CEO promises brighter future

THE COLONY, Texas — Seven months after it usually holds its annual meeting, shareholders of publicly traded Pizza Inn's were set to convene at the 350-unit chain's headquarters on June 23. According to a news release, Tim Taft, who was...

Q3 comps slide 3% at Pizza Inn

THE COLONY, Texas — Pizza Inn reported a 3.2 percent dip in comparable-store sales for the 12 weeks ended March 27, 2005. According to a regulatory filing, the 400-unit chain lost $20,000 during the quarter, versus a profit of $617,000 in the same period last year.

Embattled Pizza Inn execs get contract extensions

THE COLONY, Texas — Despite writing questionably large parachute payouts into their labor agreements nearly three years ago, two Pizza Inn executives have new contracts. According to a regulatory filing, chief financial officer, Shawn Preator, and senior vice president of...

New Pizza Inn CEO can buy 5% of company

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Pizza Inn's new chief executive and president, Tim Taft, will earn a $1 salary in his first year at the company, but his contract grants him the right to buy 5 percent of the chain immediately. According...

Taft named president, CEO at Pizza Inn

THE COLONY, Texas — Pizza Inn appointed Tim Taft, 46, its new president and chief executive officer on March 31. He replaces interim CEO Robert Page and, according to a news release, will assume his duties immediately.

<B>2Q profits down at beleaguered Pizza Inn</B>

THE COLONY, Texas — Financial, sales and legal woes continue at 400-plus-unit Pizza Inn. On Feb.

Delivery no longer free for Big 3 in Hawaii

United Press International: The world's top three pizza chains are charging for delivery in Hawaii. Domino's tacked on a $1.25 delivery fee more than a year ago, and in the past several weeks, Pizza Hut and Papa John's Pizza have begun charging $1 to deliver.

Pizza Inn listed as 'non-compliant' by NASDAQ

THE COLONY, Texas — The Jan. 4 appointment of Robert Page as Pizza Inn's interim chief executive officer has placed the company out of compliance with marketplace rules as stated by NASDAQ.

Pizza Inn appoints Page new acting CEO

THE COLONY, Texas — The board of directors of Pizza Inn appointed Robert B. Page as acting chief executive officer during a special meeting convened Jan.

Winners and Losers in 2004

Senior Editor Steve Coomes takes a look at who won and who lost in the pizza business in 2004. He also analyzes his predictions made at the end of last year, and takes a shot at prophesying what will happen in 2005.

Parker, fallen Pizza Inn CEO, added to compensation lawsuit

Dallas Morning News: Ronald W. Parker, who was dismissed Dec.

<B>Pizza Inn officially fires Parker, but lawsuit is expected</B>

THE COLONY, Texas — Embattled Pizza Inn CEO Ronald Parker was officially fired on Dec. 11 by the 410-unit chain's board of directors.

Will Parker's departure from Pizza Inn end an era of greed&#63;

Now that CEO Ronald Parker is gone from Pizza Inn, will the company be able to right its ship and steam toward a better future?

Newcastle gains control of Pizza Inn board

A shareholder proxy gave Pizza Inn's largest shareholder control of its board of directors.

<B>CEO Parker is out at Pizza Inn</B>

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Unnamed sources have reported that embattled Pizza Inn CEO Ronnie Parker resigned Nov. 29.

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