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The Escalon tradition of superior quality and consistency in every can, and its variety of products from 6 in 1 Ground Tomatoes in Purée to Allegro ready-to-use pizza and pasta sauces, makes for authentic Italian cuisine you can proudly call your own. Squisito!

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Escalon: Key Ingredients for a Better Tomato

At Escalon, our sole passion is crafting the best “fresh pack” tomato products available in the industry. Because one thing we have learned after 60+ years in the business is that unmatched, unwavering product quality is the secret to happy, loyal customers.

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Understanding Pizza Sauce

Tomatoes are an integral part of the pizza industry, and canned tomatoes offer a convenient and inexpensive way for pizzerias to offer customers high quality at a low cost. But when choosing a prepared tomato or pizza sauce, it's important to understand the origins of the sauce and the methods and ingredients used to create it.

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No matter what else you put on a pizza, sauce can make or break its taste. Whether you're preparing a traditional tomato-based sauce or something more exotic, discover how to satisfy the palate of even the most demanding pizza connoisseurs.