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Digital Signage in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

Digital Signage in the Quick Service Restaurant IndustryPublication Type:
White Paper

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The Quick Service Restaurant business is undergoing some of its most dramatic changes since the original McDonald's started serving burgers and shakes, and digital display technology is increasingly central to this new kind of fast food restaurant. 

The three key trends causing the shift: self-serve, customized ordering; mobile pick-up; and home delivery. All three are changing sales patterns, in-store customer counts, and the way stores set up and operate. To be relevant, meet consumer expectations and optimize sales, operators are going to rely increasingly on technologies like digital and interactive signage — both in front of diners and behind the counter.   

With all this change, screens are critical to making things work. In recent years, QSR operators have adopted digital signage management systems and display technology. Get the insights on market changes. Discover how brands are adapting with digital display technology and software. 

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We set out to transform the way brands communicate with guests at the restaurant where the experience truly happens. Our specialty has been in hardware, installation, content and management of digital displays. Now we're also solving challenges with proprietary digital signage software and integration technology!

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