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[WEBINAR]: How to significantly increase your restaurant sales without advertising?

[WEBINAR]: How to significantly increase your restaurant sales without advertising?Publication Type:

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Large chains like Starbucks spend millions on marketing and customer acquisition.  They failed and succeeded many times, which you can learn from, scale to your restaurant, without risking your marketing budget and resources. 

Watch to learn:
•    How to get more customers from online ordering without paying a third party.
•    How to get customers to spend more without lowering your price.
•    How your customers can make you the highest and most rated restaurant online.
•    How to get an influx of new customers without advertising.  

Meet the panelists

Jessica Lusthouse
Director of Partnerships

A decade ago, Jess took on her passion for coffee as a Starbucks barista, when she noticed that the new rewards program, mobile app, and load-wallet features were changing her customer's behaviour. They were coming in more often, spending more, and getting more attached to the brand. This turned into a lifelong lesson about how to properly engage your customers using technology the right way. Fast forward, Jess is the Director of Partnerships for TapMango, which helps over 7000 small and medium businesses outshine mega corporations every day.

Shelly Whitehead
Editor, and
Networld Media Group

Multimedia journalist, S.A. Whitehead, has 30-plus years of experience uncovering the treasures hidden inside the stories of the world's businesses and the people who've built them.

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