Webinar: The Silent Restaurant Killer -- Customer Data Breach

Webinar: The Silent Restaurant Killer -- Customer Data BreachPublication Type:

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Oct. 5, 2012

Restaurants are the prime target of choice for cyber criminals.  The success rate of their exploits and the financial damages they inflict are astonishing.  The average data breach of a non-PCI compliant restaurant is $80,000, and most don’t survive. Credit Card compromise is the silent killer of restaurants.  

PCI compliance was created by the major card brands in 2006, to help restaurants prevent credit card theft.  However, six years later, the majority of U.S. restaurants are still not PCI compliant. The market is filled with inaccurate information around the requirements of all operators to demonstrate PCI Compliance. Many owners have the mistaken understanding that simply using a PCI- compliant POS system makes their restaurant safe and PCI compliant.  

Join the webcast to understand: 

  • What it takes to become PCI compliant
  • How Cyber criminals are attacking restaurants
  • How to prevent your restaurant from becoming the next victim

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