Slow economic recovery slows digital menu board deployments

| by Scott Sharon
Slow economic recovery slows digital menu board deployments

Many of us have been working hard on the development of digital menu boards (and digital signage) and investing capital for several years because we believe they are valuable marketing/merchandising tools.

Now that the products have been developed and ready for implementation it's very frustrating to learn that their use is being delayed because of the bad economy. Some large projects have not been implemented because of the lack of capital and others because management is too unsure of the future economic conditions to make a large investment. Many are on hold in a "wait-and-see" position.

Unfortunately, this is only one small example. The same is true of many other hard working people and the exciting new products they have developed. The lack of investment in new technology has a devastating effect on the companies developing the technology, as well as the overall economy. Some go out of business or consolidate with stronger or larger companies. Many employees lose their jobs because of this, which further delays the recovery. Hopefully, we will see this trend stop soon and a recovery take place.

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Scott Sharon
Vertigo Group USA president Scott Sharon has decades of experience in the sign and menu board industry, and nearly another decade in digital signage. He's a longtime proponent of, and innovator in, expanding the deployment of digital menu boards in QSRs. Sharon also is a Team Leader for START, the Strategic Technology Alliance for Restaurant and Trade. wwwView Scott Sharon's profile on LinkedIn

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