DoorDash partners with Restaurant Revolution to facilitate catering, delivery orders

Restaurant Revolution Technologies has integrated its Order One software into DoorDash, an online ordering platform.

Order One is an off-premise, omni-channel ordering platform that captures and submits all customer takeout and delivery orders placed by phone, website, mobile or chat, according to a company press release. It integrates into multiple POS systems, meaning once the order is submitted, it is incorporated directly into the restaurant's POS and operational system for optimal efficiency. Order One also captures all customer information and customer order history so customers can easily re-order and restaurants can keep in touch with their customers, according to a press release.

Once an order is ready for delivery, the Order One platform notifies DoorDash's catering and fulfillment service, DoorDash Drive, through its API integration. A DoorDash Drive driver, called a "Dasher," picks up the order from the restaurant and couriers it directly to the customer. From the customer's perspective, the experience feels like the order was placed directly with the restaurant and delivered by the restaurant versus two third-party services, Revolution CEO Brad Duea, said in the release.

"For many restaurants, the delivery market is either untapped or a phenomenal growth area that comes with operational hurdles," he said. "Current out-of-house delivery options require additional tablets and dedicated team members to accept delivery orders and re-enter them into the restaurant's POS system. With our integration with Drive, our restaurant partners will be able to streamline the entire delivery process with Order One sending delivery orders direct to their POS without the need to transfer orders from tablets, resulting in an efficient and premium experience. Order One will also capture customer order history so customers can simply and easily reorder from any channel." 

Through Order One, customers can not only place their order via the restaurant's website, they can also call in their delivery order and speak with a live agent. These agents are trained as brand ambassadors to be well-versed with the restaurant's brand, know the menu inside and out, and provide quality customer service, Duea said. 

The result enables restaurants to offer the best possible off-premise experience to their customers. With Revolution's unified phone, mobile and online ordering platform and related services, such as data capture, live phone support and real-time order monitoring and issue resolution, no other company in the space provides a similar solution, said Toby Espinosa, head of business development at DoorDash.

"DoorDash is thrilled to continue expanding our capabilities, enabling our merchants and customers to experience the most efficient delivery," he said. "The partnership with Revolution's Order One will allow us to onboard new restaurants through the year and we look forward to what we can achieve together." 

Revolution plans to continue rolling out its Order One platform with delivery enablement in partnership with DoorDash by adding new restaurant partners throughout 2018, according to the release.

DoorDash connects customers with local and national restaurants in more than 600 cities across the United States and Canada. 

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Companies: Restaurant Revolution Technologies, LLC

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