Revention Releases Enhanced Kitchen Display System

Sept. 12, 2013

September 13, 2013 -Revention has offered a robust Kitchen Display System since their inception.  As restaurant operators continue to look for ways to be more efficient and improve the guest experience, Revention again answers the need to facilitate food preparation and order timing.  This is addressed with the enhancement of tracking menu item preparation times.  Each menu item can have a defined preparation time.  When an order is submitted to the kitchen display, the item with the longest preparation time appears first, and subsequently other items appear based on their required preparation time.  All items will then be completed at the same time, preventing a partial order from sitting in the window for an extended period as the food quality declines.

Revention has also incorporated production items for the Kitchen Display System.  Production items are common prep items required to prepare multiple menu items.  For example, breaded chicken tenders will be used to prepare a Small Tenders Basket, Large Tenders Basket, Kids Chicken Tenders, and a Chicken Tender Salad.  When each one of those items is ordered, the kitchen display will show how many tenders are required to fulfill the preparation.  The production items appear at the top of the kitchen display and are a running total of what is required to fulfill all pending orders in the system.

Using production items and preparation times can make the kitchen operation a well-oiled machine.  The days of food dying in the window should cease to exist.  A kitchen manager can focus more on food consistency and prep than calling out items for proper order timing. This enhanced Kitchen Display System functionality will clearly benefit and expand Revention’s growing client list.

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