Is your app ready for Apple's iOS7?

Oct. 24, 2013 | by Jess Taylor
Is your app ready for Apple's iOS7?

Apple's recent release of iOS 7 has several changes, and with any new software update, there are bound to be a few glitches. Since your restaurant's app is useless if it's not useful, it's important to make sure the upgrade doesn't cause any user problems.

The new iOS 7 features a new interface, with CEO Tim Cook calling it "the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone." Apple's past designs were focused on training users how to navigate a touch screen interface. Now that the learning curve for mature smartphone users is reached there is no longer a need for hand-holding. Apple's new interface takes the smartphone interface to new heights. The Blue Rocket team recently attended Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where Apple unveiled its reimagined iOS. Here's an overview of iOS 7 features app owners need to know that could impact your mobile strategy.

Mature user interface

The emphasis iOS 7 has on functionality and content promotes translucency, fluidity and realistic motions. iOS 7 impresses with its new modernized feel by swapping out 2D-type borders for simple lines, color to show interactivity and a flatter appearance. Most smartphone users understand the interactive nature of a touch screen and no longer need the cues that 2D borders provide. Side-by-side with iOS 6, iOS 7 is a dramatic visual difference across the entire interface. By making the appearance flatter and blending it, the look is more streamlined and clean. Apple has also brightened the interface. The new iOS marks the maturation of mobile and touch technologies with the focus entirely on content and visual stimulation.

App changes

Apple's iOS 7 features a more visually dynamic look and creates a more activated feeling by increasing animation and translucency. The new iOS provides a tremendous upgrade in textual presentations both in terms of font families and layout possibilities. Some adjustments are necessary for both short- and long-term modernization, and existing apps will quickly feel antiquated on iOS 7. Some apps may actually break, so immediate testing and preparation for the new iOS 7 features is highly recommended.

New paid to free-to-paid migration option

Before Apple in-app purchase existed, developers wanting to provide a free trial of their app had to publish two apps, one that was limited in features, yet free, and another that was the fully featured version and sold at a fixed price.

When in-app purchase came along, it became possible for new developers to provide a single, free app that unlocked features if the user purchased the app.

In-app purchase was great, but the first generation of developers remained stuck. They could not convert their paid apps to the "freemium" model because they could not 100 percent guarantee a user would not have to purchase the app again if they lost their device or deleted the app from their device.

No more in iOS7. Apple will now provide enough information in the in-app purchase store receipt that will allow the developer to move to the "freemium" model and ensure everybody that ever purchased the app will be able to access it under all circumstances.


The new iOS 7 allows users to access multiple apps. Prior to the new OS only a few exceptions were made — like the ability to play music while accessing other apps — to conserve on energy. Apple's iOS 7 features will allow a user to multitask with apps.


AirDrop, a feature already found on Apple computers, allows users to share files quickly with friends nearby. The Samsung Android technology requires you to bump phones to share info from one phone to the next. AirDrop with nix the need for the phone bump altogether. If you want to share something from your phone, simply click a "share" button and AirDrop does the rest through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Are you ready?

Users tend to upgrade rapidly, so you'll want to make sure your mobile app strategy is on track. Start by testing your app in iOS 7 to look for any user experience or design fixes it could encounter with the update. Then, consider ways you can take advantage of the improved UI through the presentation of visuals and text in your app. There's no better time for an app update to keep your brand feeling as modern as the new iOS 7.

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Jess Taylor
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