Mobile: bringing instincts back to hiring

June 2, 2014 | by Jason Hamilton

We know you didn’t get into the restaurant business to make hires. You have passion for the industry, customers or making money doing what you love. Hiring staff is just something that comes with the job. But what if there was a way to find quality talent while making the hiring process easier for both you and the job seeker?

There’s a new way to hire

Imagine taking a quick break during the day pick up your new menus from the printer and watching a couple video applications from job seekers right from your phone while you wait. You instantly know if someone is a fit for your business and can quickly check “yes” to schedule an interview or “no” to politely decline. Snagajob’s vice president of employer product, Eric Harrigan, says “Everything we’re doing is revolving around enabling the employer and the seeker to connect as quickly as possible. We want to make it as easy as possible for the employer to decide if he wants to meet with that seeker.” This means eliminating the unnecessary steps that wordy resumes and tiresome assessments create and allowing the owner to see quality candidates instantly.

Getting out of the traditional mindset

When it comes to assessing a candidate, nothing can replace your gut instinct. But how can you reach that conclusion faster? Snagajob recently launched a new video screening application which can help you evaluate if someone has the energy your team needs by having them answer a simple question instead of filling out a long application. Snagajob has tested video screening with job seekers and they think it’s easy to use and appreciate the instant response from the employer which eliminates the "black hole" that can occur with traditional online applications. Employers agree: video screening brings back the humanity in hiring. Someone can look great on paper or score well on an assessment, but by seeing and hearing an applicant on video, you gather a sense of their personality and how they might fit with your culture.

Finding hourly employees literally in hours

Time can be wasted collecting hundreds of applications, narrowing it down to 10 interviews and only finding one person to fill your opening. What could it mean for your business to fill an immediate hiring need by screening and connecting directly from your mobile device? Creating a connection with the job seeker before they come in for an interview and then digging into the details that matter for your role when you meet face to face can help you save time and energy. It can also give you the peace of mind that you will find exactly who you’re looking for right when you need them.




Topics: Operations Management, Staffing & Training

Jason Hamilton
Jason Hamilton serves as Snagajob’s vice president of product and marketing. In this role, he is responsible for creating products that instantly connect workers and employers. He also leads Snagajob's marketing strategies – from customer acquisition and retention to marketplace development and growth. Oh, and he had a cameo in a Bollywood film. www

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