Circle gets the square: Cornering the pizza box corner problem

Circle gets the square: Cornering the pizza box corner problem

Corners have been a perpetual waste problem in the circle-centric pizza industry, but a new packaging solution — PizzaRound — is hoping to eliminate useless corners via a 100 percent tree-free, plant-based, compostable pizza takeout and delivery container, a news release said. 

The product, made by World Centric, cuts packaging waste, labor and space needed to produce, store and ship traditional square boxes and also eliminates grease and sogginess, according to the company. 

The PizzaRound product is made of 80 percent sugarcane and 20 percent bamboo, which are both highly renewable, so the containers fall in line with customers' increasing demands for restaurant sustainability practices that minimize environmental impact.

The release said other benefits include: 

  • Packaging reduction: No need for liners, tissue or plastic tents to retain crust crispness, absorb grease and prevent topping damage. 
  • Labor/space savings: No folding is required and PizzaRound requires only nesting storage, greatly reducing storage space needs. 
  • Crispness retention: Dimpled packaging retains crust quality. 
  • Customer convenience: Reheat-able to 450 degrees with removable top/server/dish with cutting guides.  

World Pizza Champion Glenn Cybulski consulted World Centric on the container's design and was involved in testing it as well. He said the container will set the standard for the future of pizza packaging. 

"Takeout and delivery pizzas can now be hotter, crisper and free of the cardboard taste that often transfers to the pie in paper containers, reheated in the box they come in, and more sustainable and efficient for pizza restaurants at the same time," Cybulski said in the release. "World Centric has reinvented everything except the pizza itself."

The company also makes plant-based compostable plates, utensils, cups and other products. The new containers can be custom-imprinted and come in 12- and 14-inch sizes. A 16-inch version will be out later this year.  


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