Facial detection time clock app launched

April 23, 2014

Timesly has launched a facial detection time clock app for iPad, allowing employees to clock in or out of work by snapping their photo using Timesly's proprietary FaceCheck technology.

According to a news release, the app is now available for download via the App Store, and provides a new way to quickly and easily manage employee attendance, reconcile timesheets and view detailed analytics.

FaceCheck uses the iPad's camera to detect the user, adding their picture to a log of every photo ever captured of that person. FaceCheck is expected to eventually complement facial recognition technology, a feature that will be available in the next iteration of the Timesly app at no additional cost.

Employers download the app for free onto their iPad or iPad Mini and mount the device near the entrance and exits of their venue. Employee photos are logged into Timesly's secure server as a baseline for the facial detection technology. Central to Timesly's architecture is its OneToOne dedicated application programming interface, which allows employers to easily integrate the solution into their existing payroll systems with minimal changes, the release said.

Managers can also use the app to send personal messages to employees as they clock in or out, reach employees via email or text messages and set alerts for employee overtime benchmarks.

Timesly's subscription model is based on company size.

"The time clock is an antiquated piece of equipment, and we knew we could do better," Founder Marc Aptakin said in the release. "We wanted something that looked sleek, with updated technology to make employee time management more efficient. Timesly has transformed the traditional time clock into something remarkable. Facial detection personally connects with employees."

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