Lavu releases delivery and routing extension for iPad POS system

July 16, 2014

Lavu Inc. announced today the addition of a new delivery and routing extension to its iPad POS system.

Extension features include multiple order routing, estimated delivery times, best route recommendations and turn by turn directions for delivery personnel.

The iPad terminal displays delivery orders and enables staff to assign drivers to those orders. Drivers are provided with a map and directions to each delivery location. The system approximates delivery times and selects the best path for the driver to take.

Route details can be printed off and handed to the driver, or sent to the driver via text.

"Every minute counts for delivery drivers. Having precise directions can improve a driver’s performance," said Corey Fiala, CTO and co-founder of Lavu, said in a company press release. "There is nothing worse than being lost during a delivery, frantically searching for a customer’s house while their order is getting cold beside you. This improves customer service credibility and gratuity for drivers."

Multiple Order Routing groups two or more orders together and Lavu maps out the most efficient route with turn by turn directions. Routes are calculated according to order times, destination and driver availability.

The extension integrates seamlessly with the POS, so addresses don't have to be re-entered, according to Fiala, and takes the time the customer expects the order into account.

The delivery and routing extension is available for all Lavu iPad POS accounts for an additional $30 monthly fee. The extension is available for a free trial.

Topics: Delivery, POS, Systems / Technology

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