Pizza Patron drops large pizza price to $3.99 to gain new traffic

July 31, 2014

Starting Aug. 4, Pizza Patrón will offer $3.99 large pepperoni pizzas every Monday through Wednesday for a limited time.

According to the company, the discount price's objective is to raise awareness and drive new traffic to stores during the typically slower summer season.

The Pizza Patrón promo is available to customers every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from Aug. 4 to Oct. 1. It's good only on carry out pizzas, with no limit on purchases. A large, one-topping pizza from Pizza Patrón typically costs around $6.

"We believe this is the strongest offer of the year in the pizza industry," Brand Director Andrew Gamm said in the release. "In this economy, we have seen that customers don't mind picking up the pizzas when they are getting such great value in return."

Gamm added that the promotion received a strong response during its market test.

"A price-based promotion like this gives people a reason to try the brand out with very little risk," he said. "And, because the deal is less than five bucks, we know that it will show up on customers' deal radar."

Pizza Patrón hopes guests the promotion will inspire customers to purchase multiple pizzas, as well as sides and beverages.

"That's when $3.99 becomes $10 or $12, and the restaurant owners win," Gamm said.

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