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Jan. 3, 2010 | by
In its Quick Tips newsletter, top POS systems provider Speedline announced ways for restaurateurs to optimize their search engine results through keywords.
Configuring your restaurants' Web pages for maximum exposure and returns during search queries is called SEO or "search engine optimization." Encoding tags, or keywords people use when searching for things on the Internet, are essential to good Web site SEO.
Speedline recommended restaurant owners and their Web developers choose two-to-four-word phrases people are likely to look for in their searches when adding tags on the back-end of their sites. The first place many search engines look for these keywords is in site page titles, so the company recommended giving every page on your site a unique title or tag -- preferably, the page's most important keyword. Page titles will appear in Google as links.
Search engines look at sites' menus and links next. Speedline recommended packing both with keywords -- i.e., instead of vague link titles like "click here," describe the link: "Speedy Pizza lunch catering menu."
Other tips:
  • Search engines read headings to determine what a page is about. So format the main title on each page as Heading 1. Use Heading 2 and 3 for subheads. In "code view," heading text appears inside <h> tags like this:
      <h1>Speedy Pizza Menu<h1>       <h2>Pizza Coupon Deals<h2>
  • Request specifically that your Web designer use <h> tags for your main headings. Not all Web designers are versed in search engine optimization: they may style for looks, but neglect to take searchability into account.
  • Finally, search engines "read" the text on your site. Showing only images on your Web pages is a sure way to rank poorly in the search results. Throughout your site—especially on the home page—use keyword terms as you describe your food or services. Aim for 250+ words per page. Add keyword-rich <alt> tag captions to images too.
*Source: Speedline POS Quick Tips newsletter, Jan. 4, 2010

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