Star of the High Desert Finds an HR Oasis

Aug. 1, 2012

Star of the High Desert, Inc. and Wiles’ Restaurants, Inc. operating 26 Carl’s Jr. franchise restaurants in Southern California, East-Central California, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, and PeopleMatter, the fastest growing provider of talent management software for the hourly workforce, today announced the implementation of PeopleMatter technology to simplify and automate their HR processes.PeopleMatter’s comprehensive Platform streamlines HR processes for the company’slocations that are spread across multiple geographical areas. The Wiles’ franchises’ restaurant managers will use PeopleMatter solutions to continue Carl’s Jr.’s innovative leadership in the Quick Service Restaurant industry.

“Carl’s Jr. was started by my grandfather. He bought a hotdog cart in 1941, and from that he opened a restaurant called Carl’s Drive-In. Later he saw that other restaurants had added drive-thrus, and opened the Carl’s Jr. concept, a smaller restaurant with a drive-thru,” said Blaine Wiles, VP and Operating Partner of the Wiles’ companies. Carl’s Jr. celebrated its 71st anniversary on July 19 of this year.

The chain has thrived over the past seventy years. In 1981, with 300 restaurants in operation, Carl Karcher Enterprises became a publicly held company. Three years later, Carl’s Jr. was franchised for the first time to Gary and Anne Marie Wiles, and Wiles’ Restaurants, Inc. was born. When it comes to industry firsts, Carl’s Jr. holds quite a few.

· Paying First: It was one of the first dining establishments to have customers pay when orders were placed. They would have the food ready almost before customers put their wallets away.

· Trendy Décor: Carl’s Jr. was also an innovator in restaurant décor in the 60s; offering carpeted dining rooms and cushioned seats.

· Salad Bars: In 1977, it became the first quick-service chain to offer salad bars in all 200 locations.

· Debit Card Payment: As one of the first chains to introduce a debit card payment system, the company invited customers to use their ATM cards in the restaurants.

· All-you-can-drink Beverage Bars: Carl’s Jr. was one of the first major chains to offer the beverage bar to its guests, prompting competitors to follow-suit.

Before buying their franchise, Gary was a 24-year employee of Carl Karcher Enterprises, and Anne Marie being the first child of the founders, Carl and Margaret Karcher grew up in the business. In 1989, Gary, Anne and son, Brett Wiles started a new Carl’s Jr. franchise, Star of the High Desert, Inc. The company quickly expanded the chain, opening 12 locations in New Mexico while maintaining and growing the California business. To manage their rapid growth, the company sought a scalable solution that could meet their technological needs.

To help manage hiring, the company snagged a large automated point solution. However, when the tool was unable to meet the diverse needs of a quick service restaurant, they determined a different option was needed. After reviewing other options, the Wiles family chose the PeopleMatter Platform.

“We were looking for a solution that provided features for applicant tracking, onboarding and training, and that was designed for the service industry. The biggest reason we selected PeopleMatter was its overall ease-of-use. This was the right next step in our automation of administrative tasks,” said Wiles.

A core module in the Platform, PeopleMatter HIRE™ is a scalable tool that automates hiring processes for the Wiles’ franchises’ managers. It allows the company to continue improving the quality of applicants while reducing incomplete paperwork. The bilingual support available with the PeopleMatter Platform is an additional benefit for the companies’ workforces.

In the California locations, supervisors have to go through regular anti-harassment training courses. With PeopleMatter LEARN™, the chain can easily deliver any training to targeted staff and save a record showing completion. The company is also able to use this tool to distribute and test on materials regarding orientation, new products, safety training and kitchen training.

“Before implementing PeopleMatter, each General Manager had to track training and testing. Managing this centrally from our headquarters was almost impossible,” said Wiles. “Now with PeopleMatter we can standardize our training.”

“Carl’s Jr. has an incredible story and background as an innovator in the Quick Serve industry,” said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter President and CEO. “We are honored that the Wiles chose our Platform to help facilitate the Carl’s Jr. franchises’ journey of innovation, growth and excellence.”

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