NRA 2010: Mobile payment systems

At the 2010 NRA Show, FaceCash founder Aaron Greenspan demonstrates how his mobile payment system works, down to the barcode and picture verification systems.

C-Speak: Effective discounting vs. lazy marketing

Fishbowl's chief analytics officer chats about how offering untargeted, heavy discounts can hurt sales.

Sponsored by: Fishbowl

NRA 2010: Digital Dining & the digital restaurant

Digital dining Jennifer Litz talked to Digital Dining’s Kay Branson at the 2010 NRA Show. Branson talked about the evolution of her industry, culminating in the “digital restaurant” experience of hand-held POS systems.

NRA 2010: Micros consumer-oriented technology

Micros is on the cutting-edge of life-like digital signage and integrated POS systems. Here, Tim Pincelli talks about Micros' newest consumer-oriented technology at the NRA show 2010.

NRA 2010: Chairman Mike Gibbons discusses legislative issues

Mike Gibbons, chairman of the National Restaurant Association, discusses upcoming legislative issues and their effect on the industry.

C-Speak: How Fazoli's CEO keeps dishing out growth

Carl Howard discusses how he turned a failing QSR brand into a thriving fast casual franchise and why he believes his work isn't quite yet done.

Sponsored by: Fazoli's

NRA 2010: Henny Penny execs talk fryer innovation

Henny Penny president Rob Connelly and VP of Strategic Accounts, Steve Maggard, discuss the latest fryer innovations during the 2010 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Henny Penny won a Kitchen Innovations Award this year for its iControl for Evolution Elite open fryer.

NRA 2010: Dawn Sweeney on the turnaround

Dawn Sweeney, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, discusses the good economic news for the restaurant industry.

Consumers speak: What says food safety to you? asks consumers what they look for to judge a restaurant's food safety standards

Pizza & Prevention 2009

Scott Anthony talks about the successful annual Fox's Pizza Den fundraiser, Pizza & Prevention 2009, that honors 911 heroes.

Unisys Smart Cash Vault

A new smart cash vault solution for pizzerias.

C-Speak: Driving local competition with authenticity

Customers now make decisions about where to eat on a more local level, so restaurateurs must adapt their marketing strategies.

Sponsored by: Fishbowl

LightSensations' easy-change-out light solution

Augustine Gallegos from the Commerce, Calif.-based company demonstrates the features of its ladderless stem fixture and recessed can light for at the 2009 Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo.

Western 2009: LRS demos its Key Call System

At the recent foodservice expo, Jim Livingston shows how the company's table locating system can save labor costs and organize food delivery.

Western 2009: Auphon demos integrated online ordering

At the recent foodservice expo, the company shows how its site connects directly to Auphon Dining POS for a user friendly customer experience and seamless order fulfillment at the restaurant.

C-Speak: PDQ president using tech to get rid of the back office

PDQ President Steve Erickson and David Cantu, co-founder of HotSchedules, discuss how the brand uses technology to control operations and deliver better customer service.

Sponsored by: HotSchedules

Western 2009: offers solution to pagers

Restaurants can alert guests of available seating via text messaging, while the solution also handles online reservations and queuing.

Pizza Executive Summit - Synergy Media Team

Sandy Lechner, CEO of Synergy Media Team, talks about innovation in brand management at the 2009 Pizza Executive Summit, held June 8-9 in Chicago.

Pizza Executive Summit - Burke Corp.

Burke Corp.'s Scott Miller talks about specialty meat toppings and formulations for the pizza industry at the Pizza Executive Summit, held June 8-9, 2009, in Chicago.

Pizza Executive Summit - Revention

Revention's Kristi Stark talks about point-of-sale systems for the pizza industry at the 2009 Pizza Executive Summit, held June 8-9 in Chicago.

Pizza Hut commercial shoot with Jim Breuer

Behind-the-scenes clip of Jim Breuer losing his cool while shooting a commercial for Pizza Hut.

C-Speak: Is your audit program helping you attract customers?

Watch this video interview with a foodservice expert to learn why so many audit programs fail and what brands should know when searching for, designing and implementing their own plans.

Sponsored by: The Steritech Group

Domino’s brings lava to Mount St. Helens

To promote its new Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes, Domino's officials hired a local helicopter to bring in over 1,000 Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes to tourists at Mount St. Helens.

VGS MagaForms menu board display

Matt Buksbaum, vice president of Visual Graphic Systems Inc., discusses the company new MagaForms magnetic menu display system.

Pizza Hut's iPhone app

Pizza Hut is offering a new ordering application for iPhone and iPod touch users. The free application can be downloaded from Apple's App Store.

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