Domino's UK plays off British Airways digital billboard campaign

Dec. 6, 2013 | by Christopher Hall

British Airways recently launched a digital billboard ad campaign that interacted with its jets flying overhead. Playing on that same theme, Domino's Pizza U.K. launched its own version of the campaign, featuring digital billboards interacting with delivery drivers on the roads below. 

British Airways' "Magic of Flying" digital billboard campaign interacted with aircraft in the sky through custom-built surveillance technology. The system tracked aircraft and interrupted the digital display just as they passed over the site, revealing an image of a child pointing at the plane, accompanied by its flight number and starting destination.

According to the Domino's U.K. blog, "Domino's Pizza grabbed a slice of the action and developed its own interactive campaign that asked people to #lookdown in a cheeky nod to those high flyers."

Londoners last week would have seen Domino's orders being pointed out in real time by another small child on a giant LED screen, according to the blog.

Mashable caught on to the spoof, writing in a recent post:

"Look, it's a large Pepperoni Passion for Simon in Acton," reads the U.K.-based ad. The pizza delivery guy is on the way to deliver said pizza. The boy is a riff on the boy in the BA ad pointing to the sky.

Even the hashtag spoofs the British Airways ad; it's #lookdown, a play on BA's #lookup. A press release from the company says the billboard bears a different message every time a delivery person passes by.

"[The campaign is] a fantastic chance for Domino's Pizza to recapture the fun and passion that's at the core of everything we do," Nick Dutch, the head of digital at Domino's Pizza U.K., said in a press release quoted on Mashable. "I'm delighted with the results and think people will really respond to the lighthearted humor at the heart of this creative idea."

Domino's U.K. also followed British Airways' lead in posting a video of the sign in action on YouTube. 

Watch the video posted by Domino's U.K. to YouTube below:

Watch the original, posted by British Airways, below:

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