White paper: How to use customer complaints to your advantage

Aug. 11, 2009
White paper: How to use customer complaints to your advantage
Each time customers take the time to complain, they are trying to provide that business with an opportunity to keep them as customers. The complaint is a plea from the customer to the business to correct a situation that has gone poorly. In the end, if the situation is not rectified, consumers are forced to take their business somewhere else.
Complaints are a primary communication tool to discover what customers want to change. Complaining customers are asking for an opportunity to tell you that something needs to be corrected in order for them to have a satisfactory stay in the hotel or an enjoyable meal. By thinking of complaints as an opportunity to keep business from going somewhere else, you will see complaints in a positive manner and understand that they are a part of your overall hotel or restaurant's good health.
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Topics: Marketing, Operations Management, Service

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