National Pizza Day: 24 hours to wax poetic on the pie

| by S.A. Whitehead
National Pizza Day: 24 hours to wax poetic on the pie

National Pizza Day deals are everywhere in Pizza-land today, from a free cauliflower pizza crust upgrade at California Pizza Kitchen, to a special "tribute" pizza creation from ice cream QSR, Baskin-Robbins, in the form of their brownie-crusted, ice cream-topped Sweetheart Polar Pizza.

Since it would be tough to round up all the buys that pizza brands are offering today across the U.S. — where this nouveau "Hallmark holiday" is in full swing — Pizza Marketplace opts instead to offer a little poetic inspiration to our pizza-employed readers, in the following:

Ode to a Slice on National Pizza Day 

There you are with your hot cheese bubbling, 
Taunting us, tempting us until it's honestly troubling! 
For oh so long now, you've issued your siren's call,
Somehow, without saying ... anything at all. 

No dear slice, you just lie there in repose,
Tangy, tomatoed with your toppings and perfect dough
Calling out to those addicted to you
To come closer and revel in your sweet scent, too.

The world is smitten with you in all your forms,
From original Neapolitan to all those pies that break the norms —
Cauliflower doughs, stuffed crusts and dipping sauces ...
The sheer variety gives us — pause ... s.

But at heart, they all contain the very same
Basic ingredients in the rules of the pizza game —
The sacred dough, the tantalizing sauce atop, 
Then the cheese and the toppings ... Oh, please don't stop,

For perhaps the best thing about you, dear Pizza, on this your day,
Is that you truly do let us have it our way,
Which makes every manifestation of you is
Something personal, precious and uniquely true. 

You are pizza. You are perfect. Whatever shape you take —
With you, we your fans can make no mistake. 
Spinach crust, cricket toppings, hummus sauces and the like
You don't judge, just satisfy, right to the last lingering bite.


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