Podcast: Studying consumer psychology to create enticing restaurants

| by Nate Riggs
Podcast: Studying consumer psychology to create enticing restaurants

Social Restaurant Podcast Title BannerIn episode #032 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I welcome Geraldine Blanchot, co-founder of Pattern Pod.

Geraldine and her partner Kristen Dettoni have founded a startup company that works with restaurants and retailers to help blend consumer psychology with great design to create an environmental experience that entices your customers to buy more, and keep coming back.

Geraldine has spent her career as a designer, traveling the world to get inspiration for the patterns, colors and textiles that help brands and locations stick in the mind of the consumer. It’s fascinating stuff to ponder, and I know you’ll think differently about your restaurant environment after listening to this interview.

Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listening to episode #032 of the Social Restaurant Podcast.  

What you'll learn during the interviewgeraldine blanchot

  • How color theory works and why you need to be aware of how you choose colors in restaurant design.
  • Tons of examples of good design in restaurants and what you can learn from their examples.
  • The science behind patterns and how they affect brand perception and buying behavior.
  • Some things you need to consider when purchasing textiles for your restaurant.
  • How Pattern Pods is changing the way restaurants source environmental design elements.

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