PODCAST: The Most Underutilized Tactic in Mobile Marketing

July 29, 2013 | by Nate Riggs

And we're back with yet another episode of The Social Restaurant Podcast. This week's interview is sure to get more than a few of you thinking about your chains use of mobile marketing and mobile apps. Chances are, you've already invested some big dollars in getting information from your menus, recipes and other items from your website to the mobile phones of your guests. But are you seeing results? To get even more lift, there are probably a few small things you can do to make big gains. That's what we'll talk about in this week's show, so don't touch that dial.

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#005: Santiago Jaramillo on the Most Underused Tactic in Mobile Marketing

santiago jaramillo @santiagojara In last week's episode Social Restaurant Podcast, my friend and New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer hit us with all kinds of insights and tips on how you and your team can begin to move toward creating Youtility for your guests — marketing that's so useful to them that they would actually pay for it. And one of the BEST ways to create Youtility-marketing is to take advantage of the power that mobile devices and mobile apps now offer brands. That's why I'm so incredibly excited to have one of Indianapolis's youngest and most extraordinary technology entrepreneurs as a this week's guest. Meet Santiago Jaramillo. By his early 20s, Santi has alreadyconceptualized and launched successfully all kinds of differentbusinessesthat include moving and storage companies, educational music camps for kids to hiscurrent ventureBlueBridge Appsand Visit Apps. This guy is what you would call, a "doer". I loved doing this interview with Santi in that we had the chance to start spinning out some quick brainstorm-style ideas for how restaurants in any segment can start thinking about how they can get more traction from their mobile apps. Turn up the dials folks — all of the ideas we come up with on the show are absolutely yours to steal and apply. Oh — make sure to listen in about half way through to learn what Santiago believes is one of the most powerful, and ironically MOST underutilized tactics in mobile marketing.

What You Will Learn During This Episode

Social Restaurant PodcastThis week's show is a bit longer 24:05 in total length. Here’s why you should tune in:

  • A snapshot of the timeline from 1990 to current day to rise of mobile applications.
  • Santiago's amazing back story and how he ended up moving from Columbia to America.
  • How Software as a Service is evolving to Mobile Applications as a Service, and what that means for your restaurants.
  • Ideas on how you can get more out of your restaurant's mobile application.
  • The most underutilized tactic in mobile marketing and ideas for how and when your brand can apply it.

Episode Talkback

We're open to your questions and chatter in the comments. What stuck with you from our conversation during this episode?What did you learn that was most surprising?

Topics: Marketing / Branding / Promotion

Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs is the president of NR Media Group, a firm specialized in content marketing and new media programs for mid-sized and large companies that have included Bob Evans Restaurants, Donatos Pizza, and many others. He also produces the Social Restaurant Podcast and This Week in Restaurant Technologies. wwwView Nate Riggs's profile on LinkedIn

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