Domino’s creates stabilizing device to avoid #deliveryfails

June 6, 2014

Domino’s Pizza in Brazil has created a “pizza stabilizing” device that is mounted on the back of delivery bikes to avoid the shifting of pizzas en route. According to AdWeek, the solution was created by the brand’s agency, Artplan.

Domino’s hopes to roll out the system globally, the story said.

On its website,, the company said the system “consists of two hemispheres. One is fixed on an X-axis and the other on a Y-axis. Pendulums of lead compensate [for] the movement of the bike, keeping the balance in any direction.”

Domino’s Steady Pizza, as it’s called, was designed to avoid #deliveryfails, which the company showcased through a series of Instagram photos. Check out a video of the system:



Topics: Delivery, Domino's Pizza, Operations Management

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