Domino's fires one, suspends another over encounter with paralyzed man

A Domino's franchise in Kingsport, Tennessee, terminated an employee and suspended a second one after they displayed what Domino's described as "utterly unacceptable" behavior toward a customer paralyzed from the waist down. 

The man involved in the incident — Dustin Kaywood — posted a video on his Facebook page describing how a driver laughed at him when Kaywood, who was sitting outside the restaurant in his parked car, asked him for help retrieving his carry out order since he was unable to walk inside to pick it up. After the driver left, Kaywood said he called the store from his car to report the encounter and requested that an employee deliver his order to his car, but that worker also refused.

"Why is everybody else better than me just because I can't walk," Kaywood tearfully asked in his video posted approximately 20 minutes after the encounters happened. It now has millions of hits and has permeated the news media. 

When contacted about the incident, Domino's Corporate Spokesman Tim McIntyre said that the first employee Kaywood encountered was a driver, who has since been suspended. McIntyre said the company was using the situation and the driver's response as a "teaching moment."

"The CSR (customer service rep who answered Kaywood's call after he talked with the aforementioned driver) was immediately terminated, as his behavior was utterly unacceptable," McIntyre said in an email to this website. "This is yet another example of how the actions and poor judgment of one or two individuals can damage the reputation of an otherwise innocent franchisee and a brand."

McIntyre also relayed that the franchisee's director of operations handled the situation swiftly, as relayed in this correspondence with the corporate office from that individual that McIntyre shared this morning:  

"We contacted Mr. Kaywood shortly after he posted this. The supervisor called and offered his next order for free and insured him we would investigate the situation. I then called Mr. Kaywood personally got his side of the story, that consisted of our driver was running out the door and wouldn't stop and [go back] in to get his food. The driver advised him to call the store and they would make arrangements to bring his order out. He called the store and got into an argument with the CSR, who hung up on Mr. Kaywood. The CSR has been terminated for hanging up on the customer and the driver suspended one week for not taking time to address the customer's needs. I personally made sure Mr. Kaywood saved my contact info, so that he could call me directly whenever he ordered from us in the future, so that I could arrange curb side pickup." 

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