Kids’ menu orders up 40% each year since 2012

June 16, 2014

New research from GrubHub reveals that kids' menu orders have grown 40 percent each year since 2012, with 17 percent of takeout restaurants now offering a kids' menu section. According to a news release, traditional childhood favorites, including chicken tenders, burgers, pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches, remain the most commonly ordered kids' menu choices. However, GrubHub’s data also found that the items with the highest order growth in 2014 include French toast, at No. 1, and pancakes at No. 4, indicating more interest in breakfast foods among kids and parents.

The most popular kids’ menu items are:

  1. Chicken tenders, 19 percent;
  2. Burgers, 9 percent;
  3. Pizza, 7 percent;
  4. Grilled cheese, 7 percent;
  5. Chicken nuggets, 5 percent;
  6. French fries, 5 percent;
  7. Spaghetti, 5 percent;
  8. Macaroni & Cheese, 4 percent;
  9. Quesadilla, 4 percent;
  10. Hot dogs, 3 percent.

The top trending items this year include:

  1. French toast, 87 percent;
  2. Milk, 55 percent;
  3. Corn dogs, 46 percent;
  4. Pancakes, 31 percent;
  5. Chicken parmesan, 22 percent;
  6. Spaghetti, 20 percent;
  7. Chicken wings, 13 percent;
  8. Pizza, 10 percent;
  9. Macaroni & Cheese, 10 percent;
  10. Hot dogs, 10 percent.

Trending out

Conversely, data shows that several food items are "out" with kids this year. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich orders have plunged 60 percent in popularity compared to last year. Ham and cheese sandwich orders have slid 27 percent, and turkey and cheese sandwich orders have dropped more than 16 percent compared to last year. Also declining were mozzarella sticks, shrimp and fish dishes, the release said.

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