Mindshare, Empathica team up to offer customer experience data platform

June 13, 2014

Mindshare Technologies, which acquired Empathica in September 2013, announced that the two companies have united under a new corporate entity and mission: InMoment. According to a news release, InMoment provides a cloud-based customer experience optimization platform, called the Experience Hub, for 350 brands in 128 countries.

The InMoment Experience Hub centralizes experience data -- regardless of source or format -- connects it with technology to surface critical customer stories, and then channels timely, actionable insights, the release said.

"The days of siloed information, long surveys, and simple scores are over," CEO John Sperry said.  "Consumers hold all the cards. They are more engaged with brands than ever before, have bigger platforms through which they can voice their displeasure and delight, and want to share their stories.  It's a race, and the companies that win will be the ones willing to invest the time, resources and shift in mindset required to create a culture that is truly customer-centric."

Features of the Experience Hub include:

  • Data Agnostic:Experience data is collected and stored in a variety of ways and places, from transactional and demographic information in CRM systems, to surveys conducted by third parties, to social media comments on the web. 
  • Text Analytics:Once the data is centralized, the Experience Hub applies text analytics technologies to the information to glean insights.
  • Simplicity:Once critical customer stories are collected and surfaced, the Experience Hub harnesses InMoment’s suite of products and services to channel actionable insights to the right people and places within an organization.  For example, a local manager might receive real-time alerts about cleanliness, friendliness and speed-of-service, the release said, while a marketing executive might receive monthly analysis on guests’ reaction to a campaign.  

Topics: Customer Service / Experience, Systems / Technology

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