NRA: Tipped employees among highest-paid in restaurants

March 27, 2014

In response to President Obama's call for a higher minimum wage for tipped employees, the National Restaurant Association said "tipped employees are among the highest-paid in the establishment."

A White House report released Wednesday asked Congress to raise this specific minimum wage, which has been $2.13 since 1991.

NRA CEO Dawn Sweeney released the following statement regarding the report:

"Tips are not discriminatory, and tipped restaurant employees are among the highest-paid employees in the establishment, regularly earning between $16 an hour for entry-level servers and $22 an hour for more experienced servers. No one is making $2.13 an hour.

"The restaurant industry is a sought-after, industry of choice for millions of people, in large part because of the flexibility it offers individuals to work and meet other obligations in their lives, such as supporting a household income and caring for children or family members.

"The restaurant industry provides opportunities to men and women of all backgrounds, and we celebrate the tremendous diversity within our industry."

Topics: National Restaurant Association, Operations Management, Staffing & Training

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