Revention Releases New Version of R-Enterprise Remote Management Solution

July 17, 2013

July 16, 2013 –Real time information facilitates proactive business decisions necessary to run an efficient and profitable business.  With the quickly changing economy and the ever growing competition it is critical for owners and operators to have their finger on the pulse of their restaurant/bar locations.  Revention Enterprise is a web based hosted application that allows users to access key performance indicators, consolidated reports and remote management tools.  Revention Enterprise includes a mobile application which is available for both iPhone and Android devices.  Enterprise Mobile provides the same real time key performance indicators and includes an hourly sales analysis that can be broken down into 15 minute increments, as well as sales by revenue center.  Whether you are a multi-unit operator or own a single location, knowing statistical data as the events are happening allows a store owner to make money-saving business decisions immediately, instead of waiting until the next day.

The latest version of Revention Enterprise features the forward-thinking decision to build the web application in HTML5. The core concept of HTML5 is to easily integrate multimedia and graphical content on the internet without the use of flash or plug-ins.  Additionally, HTML5 is able to be consistently understood by computers and mobile devices, making it a potential candidate for cross-platform mobile applications. A challenge for all web designers is keeping up with the continuously evolving browsers and ensuring their website functions and appearance are consistent across multiple platforms.  All major browsers are in the process of adapting to HTML5 specifications.

The new version of Enterprise features other advanced tools such as additional reporting functionality, most notably a Real Time Report Feature, streamlined and ultramodern dashboard functionality, and additional user hierarchy, to name a few. Revention continues to remain on the cutting edge of remote management technology with the roll out of this newest version of Enterprise.

Key New Features

  • Real Time Report Feature
  • Adjustment Detail Report added
  • Built on HTML5 platform
  • Menu/Coupon broadcasting
  • Added Additional User Hierarchy
  • Shows KPI over a 13 month period
  • Ultramodern Dashboard

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Companies: Revention

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