What’s on your kids’ menu?

About 8 percent of all Americans under the age of 18 have some kind of food allergy.

Gluten free moving into the mainstream

Sales of gluten-free products increased 16 percent in 2010 alone, based on Nielsen Company data.

Ring in 2012 with organic food innovation

I predict that 2012 will be a banner year for Organic Food Product Innovation, and those who sit on the sidelines will miss the opportunity to strike gold in this rapidly growing product segment. I predict this for several reasons...

PizzaMarketplace.com's top stories of 2011

Stocks were hot as companies focused on domestic and international growth.

2012 will be the year of more information

Miniature portions, specialty beverages are among the trends to watch.

The most gluten-free meal of the day

Some of the simplest sweets can become gluten-free with simple substitutions, like chocolate chip cookies made with non-wheat flours.

Size matters and not just desserts

Offering smaller portion sizes can lift sales.

A behind-the-scenes look at Pizza Ranch's gluten-free adoption

Chain's R&D director discusses the process behind the menu addition.

There's nothing to eat

Meny labeling, while it began with good intentions, sets up the restaurant industry for disciplinary action.

Exploring the role food plays in patient health

The gap between food science and medical science presents a huge healthcare and business development opportunity.

Restaurants to go back to scratch?

Across channels, there is a return to true cooking. But, is it worth it?

Carb Lovers unite: Part 2

It is time to celebrate carbs and instead of bashing them. I discussed all the ways carbs are often villainized in part 1 of this series. Now, it's time to learn about all the good that comes from eating carbs....

Itty bitty is now a biggie

Popping up everywhere you turn in our industry today are new mini desserts. Baskin-Robbins just launched the concept last week, and many new offerings are in place or set to be in place from the retail shelves to the dessert carts of this country.

Point, Counterpoint: Domino's menu labeling stance

Executive director of New York State Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Alliance responds to Domino's plea for menu labeling flexibility.

A gluten-free pizza contest? Yes, it does exist

Recently, I shared with you that I had the pleasure of attending the Florida Restaurant and Lodging show in Orlando last month. My time in Orlando was spent doing a number of different things at this particular show, and one...

Sugar isn't so sweet

This morning as I was catching up on some of my favorite food blogs I found myself sucked in by a banner ad at the top of the page. The ad, from General Mills was touting a new program in effect with their breakfast cereals. The program is a promise to reduce the sugar content of all its cereal brands to 10 grams or less per serving.

Will 'Spin' for food

Spin! Pizza's free bike rides inspire cyclists to promote the brand.

Hold the pine nuts

So a funny thing happened to me the other day. While munching on blueberries one morning, I experienced, quite suddenly, a bitter, metallic and very pervasive taste throughout my entire mouth. Convinced that my blueberries were the culprits despite their...

Gluten-free isn’t trendy

At least once a week I get asked "How long do you think this Gluten-Free fad will be around?" It is an interesting question in that many wish it would just go away and be done while others believe the...

Truitt Bros. Northwest Sustainability Tour highlights menu

The topic of sustainability has been an elusive one for restaurant operators, who have been inundated in recent years with foodservice buzzwords such as organic, fresh and all-natural. Navigating the world of sustainability and how it applies to the menu...

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