Top 5 things we didn't know we should be afraid of - Part II

Researchers have found no consistent relationship between participants' driving distance to QSR joints and their weight over a 30-year span

Healthy beverage trend comes full circle

Frugality and a return to real, natural ingredients are leading consumers back to high-quality tea, coffee, sodas and lemonade offerings that deliver the authentic flavor.

Top 5 things we didn't know we should be afraid of - part I

A study found that only 8 to 12 percent of gluten-free consumers said they bought gluten-free products because they or a member of their household has celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten, wheat or other ingredients.

Organic pizzeria a labor of love, integrity

Former Wall Street trader endures daunting certification process to reach 100 percent organic status.

If it's Monday, this must be meatless

While diners can see some personal benefits — like weight loss — from a Meatless Monday regime, restaurants can see some real bottom-line benefits.

Bistro offerings complement hospital's mission of health and wellness

The Colorado Center's mission is to promote health and prevent disease by reducing obesity and the rates of weight-related chronic diseases, and this new concept fits that mission.

Culinary Tide's 2012 top trends

Culinary Tides, Inc. released the report: "Top 10 Trends Analysis - Shifting Sands 2012: A cross analysis of predictions across Government, Technology, Health, Consumer, Travel, Beverage, and Food & Flavor trends," hitting the food industry in 2012 and beyond.

Do you really offer gluten-free dishes?

Identifying and avoiding potential contamination starts with the very basics in the kitchen.

Serving sizes lead label-readers astray, what will restaurant menus do?

Healthy framing has the greatest influence with consumers who are most concerned about their diets, and restaurant operators should focus on portion sizes accordingly.

Nutritional kiosks move into the spotlight

Impending menu labeling laws have some operators considering in-store technology.

Live from New York

The International Restaurant and Foodservice Show, set for the first weekend in March, will include a new Healthy Solutions Pavilion this year.

2012 Top 10 food trends include "heirloom foods"

Look for more restaurant concepts to embrace Neapolitan pizza, burgers topped with an egg, and Nordic cuisine.

How the pizza segment can embrace children's nutrition

Healthier kids' meals was listed as a top 2012 trend by numerous experts.

Get 'in' on the biggest trend In foodservice

Healthy, affordable dining — for kids.

NRA: Food costs become restaurant operators' top concern

The association's 2012 Restaurant Industry Forecast predicts record sales of $632 billion, a 3.5 percent bump from 2011.

As serious as a heart attack

It's a good idea to designate a senior member of the waitstaff or a manager to be the point person when dealing with diners with allergy concerns.

The top 10 (unmentioned) food industry trends

Adventure in food and flavor is back, comfort food is out.

Top 5 2012 food innovation product predictions

Coconut is the leading hot flavor in the restaurant industry from the fine dining level to the QSR coconut shrimp level.

Restaurant industry's 2012 trends shaped by demographics, nutrition

NPD Group's research also expects retail competition to increase and commodity prices to affect menu offerings.

Convenience stores, QSR, fast casual and the food police

Perhaps it is consumers who should be studied further to uncover the reason for their behavioral disconnects, instead of placing all the blame on QSRs and C-stores for rising obesity rates.

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