Pizza restaurateurs vie for piece of Mother's Day pie

| by S.A. Whitehead
Pizza restaurateurs vie for piece of Mother's Day pie

While many "kids" are depending on pizza restaurateurs to make their moms happy on Mother's Day Sunday, many moms will also be in those same restaurants to serve the masses of mothers, who have the day off. In fact, the National Restaurant Association estimated that about one- third of Americans (34 percent) will take mom out to eat Sunday, and pizza brands will certainly be vying strongly for a piece of that pie. 

Their preferences were the subject of a three-day survey, beginning May 3 conducted by ORC International for the National Restaurant Association. The poll included 1,006 U.S. adults, and its findings may give pizza restaurateurs an indication of when the crowd will be heaviest and just how much a meal out with the family means to the moms at the tables. 

As far as time of day, about half said they'll head out for dinner with mama that day, while 35 percent will go to lunch and 24 percent would do brunch. Eleven percent said they would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the first meal of the day with mom, although it's likely most pizza restaurateurs won't be pulling for a piece of that action. 

And make no mistake about it, most moms preferred to sit down for a meal with the family on Mother's Day over other gift possibilities, including gifts of flowers (preferred by 15 percent), household items (11 percent), a restaurant gift card (10 percent), jewelry (9 percent) and clothing or accessories (8 percent). The option of leaving town for a day and going far, far away from their families was apparently not an option. 

A lot of restaurateurs are offering deals of every variety to entice families to their brands on Mother's Day and Pizza Marketplace wishes you all great success and lots of traffic for the day. After all, pizzas are a little like mom: They also get round before they deliver, and just like moms, always give a piece of themselves to everyone.

Happy Mom's Day!

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