Infographic: Great ways restaurants can lighten the load on that online carbon footprint

July 13, 2017

Diners' increasing interest in environmentally conscious restaurant brands usually sends operators looking for ways to make brick-and-mortar locations more energy efficient in construction, supply chain and overall operations. But how your brand executes its ever-expanding online presence can also help restaurants pull some heavy weights off their web-centric carbon footprints. 

To that end, fulfillment company, Red Stag, took a deeper dive into the details to find out what online practices weigh least on our environment. Today, the company is reporting back on great ways to operate as a friend of Mother Earth online, while charming customers with your environmental consciousness.

Turns out there are lots of options and none of them are very complex or time-consuming to activate. From eco-friendly web hosting and printer-friendly content to streamlined fulfillment processes and "green" shipping, all the suggestions provided below can help your brand operate with a clean conscience while reassuring customers you're doing what's right by their community.


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