Podcast: How to make your restaurant marketing 'go viral'

Dec. 6, 2013 | by Nate Riggs

Social Restaurant PodcastIn episode #017 of the Social Restaurant Podcast, I talk with Jonah Berger, professor at the Wharton School of Business and author of the New York Times best-selling book, Contagious – Why Things Catch On.          

Jonah has spent the last 10 years applying the scientific method to studying what exactly makes some ideas catch on and why some never make it off the ground. His research led to the development of the STEPPS framework, which outlines a formula that marketers can use as a guide while brainstorming that next big product, service or campaign idea. Contagious has helped restaurants, non-profits and even a hip-hop rapper create and launch ideas with all the right ingredients to catch on. If your marketing department is small and you have to make what dollars you have count, you’ll want to hear Jonah talk through his STEPPS Framework. Go ahead, turn up the speakers, click play and listen to episode #017 of the Social Viral Marketing Book | Jonah Berger Restaurant Podcast.

What you'll learn during the interview

  • Learn to understand the difference between viral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing and the surprising statistics on both sides.
  • Discover the STEPPS Framework, and learn how Jonah believes it can be applied by restaurant marketers and operators.
  • Hear case studies and examples of brands who have caused ideas to spread and how they went about it.
  • Where you can find the book and other resources that will help you learn how to make your ideas spread.

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Tweetable Moment: "When you look at the data, only about 7 percent of word of mouth happens online" (Click to Tweet)

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Nate Riggs
Nate Riggs is the president of NR Media Group, a firm specialized in content marketing and new media programs for mid-sized and large companies that have included Bob Evans Restaurants, Donatos Pizza, and many others. He also produces the Social Restaurant Podcast and This Week in Restaurant Technologies. wwwView Nate Riggs's profile on LinkedIn

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