The top five Social Restaurant Podcasts

| by Nate Riggs
The top five Social Restaurant Podcasts


The Social Restaurant Podcast has been coming to you guys every Friday and now it's time for a recap. After 41 episodes, the Social Restaurant Podcast has taken you through everything from Google Glass to craft beer. I'm here to take you through my top five favorite Social Restaurant Podcasts (in no particular order)...

1. Jay Baer on Youtility Marketing

As a big fan of the book Youtilityand of Jay Baer, I really enjoy this podcast. Jay is a great guy and one of the head honchos of content marketing. Coining the term Youtility, Jay has created a new section of the marketing world. Many companies, including yours, can benefit greatly from utilizing Youtility. Listen in for more straight from Jay on the concept of Youtility.

2. Cherryh Butler on Fast Casual Restaurant Trends

The former editor of, the leader of the fast casual restaurant trends, joined us for episode #008 of the Social Restaurant Podcast. Cherryh Butler talks fast casual with us and we get in to trends such as the numbers and statistics behind the growth of the segment, industry events and more.

3. Dan Ponton on Building Corporate Culture While Working From Home

A great Ohio based company, Roosters, has made incredible corporate culture- with no office. Having a completely virtual office can lead to no culture in a company, especially in the restaurant industry where culture can make or break you. Dan Ponton, CEO of Roosters, has been innovative in his company decision to have only home offices. Despite this, Roosters culture is lively and spirited, and the Social Restaurant Podcast helps tell you how Dan made that possible


4. Jason Smylie on Using Google Glass in the Restaurant Business

Jason Smylie, EVP, CIO and CMO of Capriotti's Sandwich Shop, is seeing the future of restaurant technology. Coming off of opening the 100th Capriottis locaiton, Smylie and his team have begun utilizing Google Glass in their training. Want to know more? Listen in to Social Restaurant Podcast #037 to hear it from Smylie himself!

5. Liz Lessner on the Power of Well-Defined Restaurant Concepts

A vital part of the equation of any restaurant is the concept. Liz Lessner, a Columbus, Ohio, restaurateur, discusses the power of a well-defined restaurant concept on Social Restaurant Podcast #035. Listen in for more on the restaurant industry including the role it plays in city revitalization

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