DiningGrades launches website to report restaurant food poisoning

June 26, 2014

Restaurant patrons can now report a suspected restaurant food poisoning event on DiningGrades.com and provide information to restaurant management, health departments and diners.

DiningGrades.com has developed the free solution that includes the following features:

  • After selecting the restaurant, the user answers a limited number of questions about the event.
  • Contact information, for corroboration by experts, is added.
  • DiningGrades.com staff reviews the report.
  • The report can be sent to the respective restaurant management team, the respective state or community health department.
  • An alert is noted on the DiningGrades.com website/mobile devices for other diners.

“DiningGrades.com gives the restaurant patron an innovative, easy method to report a suspected event. The system simplifies and increases reporting of restaurant suspected food poisoning events,” Founder Harlan Stueven MD said in a news release.

Topics: Food Safety, Online / Mobile / Social

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