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KFC, Pizza Hut launch 'contactless' delivery in China amid virus fears

KFC, Pizza Hut launch 'contactless' delivery in China amid virus fears

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In China, where the coronavirus has taken its heaviest toll thus far, Yum Brands' KFC and Pizza Hut stores have initiated contactless delivery as part of the brands' attempts to reduce the risk of viral transmission, according to Business Insider Nordic.

The virus has reportedly claimed more than 360 lives and infected more than 17,400 people globally, including nearly a dozen people in the U.S. as of Monday. 

In China, where the virus was first reported in Wuhan, two apps are providing contactless food delivery for the two brands, the publication said. The customer chooses the contactless option when ordering and then couriers call for a delivery location. Delivery personnel wait to take the orders out of their temperature-retaining carriers until the customer shows up. They then place the food down and step away at least 10 feet while the customer retrieves the order. 

Couriers deliver in filtering masks and disinfect hands and boxes following each delivery, Yum China told the publication. The brands also tested contactless in-store pickup this past weekend with special racks and packaging for takeout order that prevent airborne virus exposure. Both the Meituan and delivery providers in China provide the service, according to the report.  

Yum Brands had not yet responded to an inquiry for further details at the time of publication.

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