Liguria Foods intros new premium pepperoni brand

July 24, 2014

Liguria Foods has introduced a new premium pepperoni brand: Bravo Gusto.

Bravo Gusto joins the Liguria family of pepperoni, which includes Liguria Rosso, Rosso Spicy, the milder Gratifica, and the original Liguria.

According to a news release, Liguria developed the new brand as its top-of-the-line offering. The flavor profile accentuates the smoky, spicy flavors associated with pepperoni, the company said, and the new brand undergoes a natural smoking process.

“The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive,” SVP of Sales and Marketing Joe Henry said in the release.  “The distinctive flavor gives pizzerias a real choice to differentiate its pepperoni pizza from all the other less-authentic toppings on the market.”

Topics: Equipment & Supplies, Pizza Toppings

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