Pizza Hut pouch heats up delivery

Keeping those pies hot en route to delivery customers has always been a challenge for pizza restaurateurs, but Pizza Hut has rolled out a system designed to get the pie to the person in "oven-hot" form, a news release said.

The delivery pouch, which includes Thinsulate in the first layer, has a PET aluminum radiant barrier layer to reflect the pizza's heat back into the pie, along with layer No. 3 that locks in heat with a pink fiberglass insulation, the release said.

The inside of the toasty pouch, which works with a re-engineered box and crisp-sheet, is guaranteed to be 15 degrees hotter than traditional pizza pouches, the release said. 

In fact, to prove how well the system retains heat, Pizza Hut created limited-edition "Pizza Parkas" made from the same stuff in the new pouches. To promote its "hotter" pies, Pizza Hut is giving away parka prizes all month-long.

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