Splick.it adds beacon-powered geo-triggered ordering for restaurants

May 19, 2014

Splick-it Inc., a SaaS platform for branded restaurant web and mobile applications, announced it has integrated beacon-powered geo-triggered ordering for food and proximity-triggered marketing into its white-label technology platform.

Splick.it provides enterprise level ordering and payment solution that powers the apps and websites for national restaurant chains such as Jersey Mike’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Pita Pit and other brands. It was built with a robust plug-and-play technology platform which allows brands to have a seamless app experience when bringing in third party providers for complementary services ranging from in-store loyalty programs and stored value gift cards to email marketing, the company said in a news release.

The new Splick.it Beacon is a small wireless transmitter placed inside the restaurant. When a customer with a restaurant’s app walks in, the Splick.it platform can capture the customer visit, reward them with loyalty points and send a message to the phone. In addition to enhanced marketing capabilities, the platform can also release orders to the kitchen in real-time as the customer walks in.

“Our approach to adding technical features such as the new Splick.it Beacon is always filtered through the lens of solving pain points and helping our brands to deepen the relationship with their customers,” CEO Vijay Bangaru said in the release. “Based on our initial feedback from our current merchants wanting to test the Splick.it Beacon, we expect this technology enhancement to be very helpful and a great complement to our other industry-leading features.”

The Splick.it Beacon and integrated software works primarily in two ways, it allows restaurants to enable geo-triggered ordering and geo-triggered marketing. The platform also provides advanced analytics so restaurants can learn more about their customer’s preferences and behaviors.

Geo-triggered ordering
The Splick.it Platform triggers the order to push into the restaurant’s POS system, printer or order delivery mechanism of choice when someone is within a pre-selected distance such as walking into the restaurant.

Customes can also order via saved "Favorites" in Splick.it powered apps. Now with the Splick.it Beacon, customers walking into a store can be asked if they would like to order their Favorite. With one click the customer can order and pay, and that order then gets sent to the kitchen or barista immediately. The customer will then receive a confirmation notification on their mobile phone that the order was delivered.

Geo-triggered marketing
The Splick.it Beacon allows marketing and informational messages to be sent when someone is going by or walking into the restaurant. Those messages push directly onto the smartphone and tablet’s home screen when the customer is within a configurable distance up to 150 feet of the beacon. This is especially useful in mall settings, airports and dense urban areas, the company said.

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