The Pizza Bite Button created for independent concepts

May 16, 2014

Digital marketing solutions firm LLC has launched The Bite Button, a one-touch food ordering application designed specifically for smaller or independent restaurants.

According to a news release, the Pizza Bite Button is a magnetic refrigerator button that when pushed notifies a local, independent pizza shop to deliver the customer's usual order. Customers receive The Pizza Bite Button from their favorite local pizza vendor and set it up online with their "standing order," delivery location and minimum deposit. When an order is placed, the vendor receives payment automatically withdrawn for the customer's bite button account.

"The idea for an easier way to order food for delivery came about when we ordered pizza for the office and realized that we ordered the same items on the same day of the week … every week," COO Gregory Panos said in the release. "We researched and discovered that about 86 percent of all pizza orders for delivery follow this pattern."

After a year of research and development, the company presented The Pizza Bite Button to the public this week on Indiegogo to raise funds to support the first production run. The company offers independent pizza shops a chance at exclusivity in their market plus other benefits at the $5,000 donation level, the release said. Donation levels range from $10 to $5,000.

"Our button/application uses a patent-pending process through Wi-Fi technology that works much like an EZ Pass used on highways for tolls," said Raymond Steinbacher, Chief Technology Officer.

The company plans to launch one-touch food ordering button for other popular food delivery categories including Chinese, deli and more.


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