Webinar to focus on hourly workforce management

June 4, 2012

FastCasual.com, in partnership with Charleson, S.C.-based PeopleMatter, is hosting the June 19 webinar, "Top 5 Ways Multiple Systems are Killing Your ROI," at 2 p.m. Eastern time.

The webinar will cover the pitfalls restaurant operators face when using multiple HR systems.

Logging into one program to track employees, another to train them, three to run screenings and at least two more to create schedules isolates important staffing data. Additionally, multiple systems make it impossible for restaurant operators to measure the real cost, effectiveness and ROI of their total talent management investments.

Register now to discover the disconnect of disconnected systems, including:

  • Why foodservice businesses are more at-risk
  • Where it hurts your bottom line the most
  • How an integrated platform connects data to drive revenue
  • What real-world results Applebee’s saw before and after implementing an integrated system

Click here to register.

Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability, Hiring and Retention, Human Resources, Staffing & Training

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