Hispanics play huge role in Super Bowl online pizza orders

Feb. 8, 2016

Updated: 3 p.m. Feb. 9

Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day for online pizza ordering across the U.S., and there's been an increase in the number of online orders made through Spanish-language Web protals for many of the country's pizza sellers on Super Bowl Sunday, according to a new infographic created by MotionPoint. Unlike in years past, however, 2015’s Super Bowl Sunday wasn’t the No. 1 day for Hispanic online pizza orders. This year was different, however. Super Bowl sales were through the roof once more, deftly beating Super Bowl XLIX.

Some key findings:

  • Transactions were up 59 percent
  • Revenue was up 66 percent
  • Average order value grew 5 percent to $28.10

Some pizza chains fared better than others. The best Super Bowl performance we saw among them was:

  • Transactions were up 92 percent
  • Revenue was up 107 percent
  • Average order value was up 8 percent

Hispanic online pizza sales on Super Bowl Sunday also crushed all other best-selling days of 2015. Here's how Super Bowl Sunday compared to other key 2015 holidays and events:

  • Valentine’s Day: 190 percent more revenue, 176 percent more transactions
  • New Year’s Eve: 228 percent more revenue, 230 percent more transactions
  • Halloween: 35 percent higher revenue, 27 percent more transactions
  • Academy Awards: 80 percent higher revenue, 56 percent more transactions
  • Nov. 21 (the highest performing day in 2015): 12 percent more revenue, 7 percent more transactions

Unless the Academy Awards rally later this month and generate more orders than last Sunday, the Super Bowl will likely maintain its top-selling spot for 2016. The infographic below gives more details about online pizza ordering and Hispanic customers.


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