[WEBINAR] Online Brand Makeover: Winning the Restaurant Delivery Race

[WEBINAR] Online Brand Makeover: Winning the Restaurant Delivery Race

It all boils down to mobile in a lot of ways these days for pizza brands, meaning the better your online ordering experience, the better your sales. That was the subject of a hour-long webinar that instructed participants how to evaluate and make their brands over online to enhance the mobile ordering experience. 

Speedline Marketing Manager Jennifer Wiebe presented complex information in a simple-to-understand and act on format that tells listeners how to not only attract more sales online through everything from design to wording but also alerts listeners to the trio of all-too-common mistakes that literally catapult your customers into your competitors' arms. 

The webinar also provides good information on the elements brands should look for in their own online ordering solutions, as well as how the technological environment today is actually changing customers' ordering habits and, just as important, their expectations of pizza brands. 

Click here to download the free webinar. 

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Topics: Business Strategy and Profitability, Customer Service / Experience, Delivery, Menu Boards, Mobile Payments, Online Ordering

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