5 ways technology is transforming dining experiences in the UK

Sept. 11, 2013

PaymentSense, a United Kingdom-based card payment and EPoS provider, has compiled a list of some of the ways technology is being used to keep restaurant customers engaged.

1. Service with a swipe

While there are restaurants in Japan that have an entirely robotic waiting staff, some UK restaurants are doing away with table service altogether with the introduction of chip cards.

At these locations, diners place an order at a food station, swipe their card to record their order and then settle the bill on the way out. The process is aimed at speeding up service, particularly in restaurants where a rapid turnaround is expected.

2. A la tablet ordering

Tablet computers are making their way into the hospitality industry as a replacement for traditional printed menus.

Not only can diners browse the menu and order food using the tablet, some restaurants allow customers to add to the venue's music playlist or talk to fellow diners in the restaurant's chat room.

3. Interactive menus

For restaurants that want to immerse their customers in the technological experience, they can project the menu straight onto a table. Diners touch the items they want and the projector overhead records the order.

The high-definition projection system can also be used to customize tablecloth designs and load arcade games to play while diners wait for their food.

4. Gastronomic gaming

More restaurants are also providing diners with consoles to play with while they wait for their food.

An example of this is Yo Sushi, which offers guests a Nintendo DS from its signature rotating sushi counter. The demand for 'play-at-the-table' style restaurants is expected to grow.

5. A chef's eye view

Live kitchen cams allow guests to watch their meal being prepared in real-time.

"The hospitality sector remains incredibly competitive and so it's no surprise that business owners are looking for inventive ways to engage with customers. And when you consider the huge role that technology plays in our lives, businesses are absolutely right to try and cater to their constantly connected clientele," said Ross McTaggart, marketing executive at PaymentSense.

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