California pizza chain experiences results with HR platform

May 17, 2013

Mary's Pizza Shack, a family-owned, Northern California pizza company, has had the PeopleMatter human resource software platform in place for a year and has quantified results from the partnership.

Since going live with the software, Mary's has saved more than $34,600 in labor costs, according to a release. Robin Carlson, HR director, adds the company has also improved compliance and saved time.

"I can't tell you how happy I was to see this product come out," Carlson said. "Not all of my managers are computer savvy, but they were able to pick up this software pretty naturally. The platform's design makes it so easy to use."

Prior to the rollout, Mary's standard hiring process included printing applications that were mailed to locations, handed to applicants and manually filled out with a pen. They were then mailed back and filed at the corporate headquarters.

With PeopleMatter HIRE, managers were able to automate the applications, screening tools, I-9, E-Verify and onboarding, which saved Mary's $6,247 in administrative labor costs and $24,690 in onboarding labor costs.

Additionally, HIRE integrates with Mary's payroll system, POSI Payroll, saving the company's payroll team 156 hours a year. This adds up to saving $3,670 in payroll labor costs each year. Previously, the team spent an estimated 10 percent of their time hunting down incomplete paperwork and syncing new hire information with the payroll system. Now, when new hires complete onboarding online, the information is automatically integrated with the payroll software.

"I've had quite a few managers express how easy it is to hire someone now," said Carlson. "They don't have to figure out how to fill out the I-9 and W4 forms. The PeopleMatter solution not only helps with the application and onboarding, but with POSI integration, too. Managers can track all new hire information to payroll — it's all automated."

Mary Fazio founded family-owned Mary's Pizza Shack in 1959. It includes locations in Boyes Hot Springs, Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano, Contra Costa, Shasta and Placer counties, Calif.

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