Little Caesar's franchisee recognized for extraordinary customer service

Oct. 9, 2012

Rarely does an act of customer service go so far above and beyond the basics that it generates a specific shout out on a popular advocacy site such as The Consumerist.

That's exactly what happened with a Little Caesar's restaurant in an unnamed location. A Consumerist reader described the extraordinary effort thusly:

I was out doing some errands, and stopped in at a little caesar's (sic) by my bus stop. I only had 10 minutes before the bus, but when I got there somebody was ordering a bunch of pizzas for an event. She ended up taking each of the pizzas they had ready at the moment. When I inquired whether they had any pizzas ready, the answer was no, but there would be a pizza ready in 4 minutes. After waiting for the previous transaction, I knew I didn't have much time left, so I declined the wait and walked out to the bus stop.

Just when I could see the bus coming down the street, I heard 'delivery' from behind me, and I turned around to see the guy from caesars with a pizza. I tried to pay, but he said he didn't have change, and not to worry about the cost for the pizza. I'm still kind of floored by the initiative on the part of that person. So, in summary, I got a free pizza for the inconvenience of waiting for no pizza, and caesar's got a customer who is more likely to stop by after work, and a fat tip on the next time I stop in.

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