NAFEM Show highlights energy savings

Feb. 10, 2011 | by Valerie Killifer

Exhibitors on day two of the North American Foodservice Equipment Manufacturers Show expressed optimism about the number of attendees at this year’s event, held at the Orlando, Fla., convention center Feb. 10-12.

“So far we’ve surpassed the sales leads Thursday that we did for the entire 2009 NAFEM Show,” said Henny Penny’s Jason Moles. “Traffic has been up and our both has been very active.”

Henny Penny is showcasing its new fryer, which Moles said is a big draw to the company’s booth.

“They’re also looking at our combi ovens, and the smaller equipment that can fit into tighter spaces has been a big draw,” he said.

On Thursday, Manitowoc unveiled its new Indigo Series ice machines. The machines, promoted with the tag line: thinking inside the box, features an internal communication system that constantly monitors refrigeration controls and electronically stores and reads system data. Operators also can remotely monitor each ice maker.

Manitowoc representative Ann Grygleski said the line is a step up from what the company has previously offered and that the machines were created based on operator requests for upgrades. The 30-inch units are shipping out in March with larger units being unveiled in the company’s fourth quarter.

This year, several products on the show floor revolved around the idea of capturing, recycling and reusing energy.

For example, stone-hearth oven provider Wood Stone has partnered with Ideas Well Done to form Wood Stone Ideas. Together, the two companies have created their Green Integrated Building System, designed to capture, store and reuse building energy. They also created a container steamer and reservoir steamer that both provide energy savings in that they only create and supply steam when it’s needed.

Click here to view a slideshow of from the show floor.


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