Yub launches 'offline affiliate network' to track ad spend

Nov. 26, 2013

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company Yub has launched what it said is the world's first offline affiliate network that enables merchants, retailers and restaurants to track consumers from online clicks through offline purchases, directly linking digital marketing spend to offline revenue.

How it works

Retailers and restaurants can place offers and promotions online through any digital channel or existing online presence. Yub's offline affiliate network then builds an ecosystem of content, deals and loyalty sites that promote their offers by accessing more than 10,000 online and mobile publisher partners.

As consumers discover the ad or promotion for in-store purchases, they are prompted to activate the offer by registering a credit card. When the consumer uses the same credit card for the in-store purchase, Yub tracks the purchase through its TrueRealTime transactional tracking platform and the consumer receives their reward. With these card-linked offers, consumers have no coupons to print and no mobile apps to download. Yub provides a complete analytics suite so businesses can now track the performance of affiliate campaigns and measure ROI based on actual in-store sales, according to a news release.

"Despite the billions of dollars spent annually on digital advertising, merchants have had no way to track the effectiveness of how online advertising translates into offline sales," said Alex Rampell, CEO and founder of Yub. "Yub provides businesses with a direct link between online advertising and offline revenue, improving the effectiveness of online campaigns and driving in-store purchases on a massive scale, utilizing the demonstrated power of the online affiliate network model."

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